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ufcnancy TV Episode 20 | Season One highlights and bloopers

By ufcnancy staff, 24 Jun 2019 Episodes

After 19 episodes of motoring mecca it’s time to look back on the most memorable moments of ufcnancy season one

ufcnancy TV Episode 20 | Season One highlights and bloopers

It’s the final episode of ufcnancy season one! Over the previous 19 shows and more than 50 adventures, our presenters have hit the far corners of the world, scaled mountains and sand dunes, crossed deserts, staged our own Olympics and even deliberately crashed a car to bring you the latest in everything auto.

Click the gallery above to view all four segments of ufcnancy TV's final episode

But it hasn’t always gone to plan. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to decide which gems made it into each episode over the last six months, but even harder was choosing what to leave out.

The clips and moments that fell by the wayside weren’t always repeatable on air, but we all certainly had an absolute ball making them.

Join Pete, Andy, Noelle and Daniel as they bring you their favourite moments from Season One, along with some of the action and mishaps you didn’t get to see … until now.

If you simply can’t live without the ufcnancy team in your life, keep up to date with the ufcnancy Weekly podcast, pick up a mag or jump on one of our many social media channels. And stay tuned for more exciting TV news soon.

Catch-up: Watch at tenplay.com.au (AU) or primetv.co.nz (NZ)

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