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Best Gear of 2018: Narva LED lights, Carbon Winches, MSA 4x4 drawers, Yakima gatekeeper

By Justin Walker, 03 Jan 2019 Gear

Best Gear of 2018 Narva LED lights Carbon Winches MSA 4x4 drawers Yakima gatekeeper feature

From lights to bike carriers, here are some of the best gear from 2018.

4x4 gear isn't just the oily bits that go onto your 4x4, but cool gear and essentials for any 4x4 tourer. 

From Narva under-bonnet LED lights, to 12,000lb winches, tailgate mounted bike carriers, and drawers to organise your belongings, here are some of the best 4x4 gear to be released in 2018. 

Narva SeeEzy LED rechargeable under-bonnet lamp

Working on an engine or other under-bonnet components often means doing so in limited light. Head torches and inspection lamps can help, but we reckon this lamp from Narva, featuring three 5W LEDS that offer a 6000K (white) light output, is a top solution.

The SeeEzy is powered by a lithium-ion battery (recharged via USB) with a claimed 6-15 hours of running time (output dependent). Users can select from one, two or all three LEDS for output, providing 350, 675 or 1000 lumens respectively. The three LED housings can be adjusted to swivel up to 40°, ensuring the light is illuminating the working area.

The aluminium, ABS and polycarbonate construction ensures the SeeEzy is robust, while the adjustable padded arms can be extended from 1200 to 1750mm, allowing fitment to any number of vehicles.

Website: www.narva.com.au

In the news: Narva Australia utilising VR tech to simulate lights

Carbon Winches’ 12K winch

The 12,000lb winch from Carbon Winches is designed to handle the toughest recovery tasks when you’re off-roading. The winch features a 6.2hp wound motor, a 216:1 three-stage planetary gearbox and a hoist-style camming brake that engages through the geartrain, thus having no with the winch drum. The rotating ring gear free-spool clutch assembly is designed to minimise free-spool drag, while also doing away with any clutch engagement issues, making any recovery situation a fast and easy process.

The power in and out for the winch is via either a wireless remote controller or a plug-in hand-held remote. The 500-amp solenoid unit is sealed and has a three-position mount bracket that means you can mount the control box over the drum, the motor or remotely on your 4x4’s bullbar. The winch also comes with a pre-installed winch motor breather.

Website: carbonwinches.com.au

MSA 4x4 Explorer drawer system: LC 100

The Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System for Toyota’s (still) popular 100 Series Cruiser is fully ADR crash-tested and compliant to all relevant ADRs. Cargo barrier mount points – and the child seat restraint points – are incorporated into the rear of the drawer frame.

Patented features include the stay-open block that stops a heavy, loaded drawer from accidentally shutting, and it also acts as twin electrical when the drawer is open, thus creating a circuit that powers the unit’s LED strip lighting.

The ‘Pro Glide’ system ensures the sides of the drawers aren’t wasted space – they are part of the actual slide unit, so no need for side-mount slide runners. Custom-sealed bearings are utilised in the over-extension, eliminating the need for extra slide components, and it’s all backed by a lifetime warranty.

Website: www.msa4x4.com.au

Video review: MSA 4x4 Accessories storage solutions

Yakima Gatekeeper 

Lugging multiple mountain bikes in your tray just became easier thanks to Yakima’s new GateKeeper tailgate pad, with its five-bike capacity. The GateKeeper’s tough nylon outer material is great, while under the GateKeeper is one of its unique features: soft-felt backing that protects the tailgate from wear and paint damage.

In addition, the GateKeeper’s integrated SitTight padded bike cradles do the same for your MTB’s paintwork. With this new cradle closure system the bikes are well secured and stable, which means they don’t move around or rub on the bike downtube. Add in the HindSight tuck-away cover for the ute’s reversing camera and you’re sweet.

RRP: $199
Website:  www.yakima.com.au