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Falken Wildpeak AT review: 4x4 Tyre Test 2019

By Toby Hagon | Photos: Ellen Dewar, 07 Feb 2019 Wheels & Tyres

Falken Wildpeak AT review 4x4 Tyre Test 2019 feature

All-rounded character beneath a tough appearance.

IF YOU want some attitude in your all-terrains then look no farther than the Falken Wildpeak. These are tyres clearly designed for the aggressive ‘I’m-an-adventurer’ look. Chunky, organically-shaped blocks cover the face, with a square edge delineating the sidewall, itself dappled with more of that ‘blockiness’.

The Wildpeak would certainly fit in nicely for anyone throwing accessories at their ride, and they’re helped by a load rating 120kg higher than all but the Bridgestone Duelers. However, looks aren’t everything, especially when it comes to tyres, where round and black is as interesting as it gets for most people.

Despite the clear focus on off-road attitude, the Wildpeak performed admirably in our on-road disciplines. Braking, in particular, was above average, with the Wildpeak within half a metre of the Maxxis 700 in the dry and matching them in the wet. For such an aggressive-looking tyre, they stop succinctly.

Stokell was complementary about the bite and feel during heavy braking, suggesting there was a healthy reassurance to the way they pulled up. Cornering performance was not as convincing, no doubt in part due to movement of those chunky tread blocks. Stokell also commented on the rumbling noise of those sidewall tread blocks when pushing harder though bends. “It’s definitely noisy on its edges around a corner,” he said.

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However, the Falkens still played in the middle of the field with respectable results.

Off-road, it’s perhaps no surprise the Falkens ticked plenty of boxes through our short, concise course; that aggressive tread paid dividends in the mud and on loose gravel.

Walker relayed that there was little effort required on varied surfaces, adding that over rocks it was very capable and performed the final challenging jump-up very easily. If there was one negative it’s that the manoeuvrability in tighter terrain was compromised, with steering adding weight and a bit more effort was required in tight bends.

Still, as a decent performing all-terrain that brings serious credibility to the bush, the Wildpeak makes for a surprisingly well-rounded tyre, albeit with some unwanted noise as a consequence. That they retail for $259 is a plus for those looking for a solid off-road tyre.

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