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Hankook Dynapro AT-M review: 4x4 Tyre Test 2019

By Toby Hagon | Photos: Ellen Dewar, 09 Feb 2019 Wheels & Tyres

Hankook Dynapro AT-M review 4x4 Tyre Test 2019 feature

Jack of all trades pick lands squarely in the middle of the pack.

HANKOOK is a brand that has made big leaps with on-road tyres, with the Korean maker keen to repeat that performance off-road.

To look at the Dynapro doesn’t break any A/T boundaries, with mild aggression in their design but sensibilities for regular on-road running. There’s restraint to the tread pattern with some of the tread flowing over into the sidewall, but there’s enough chunkiness there to let the person next to you know you value off-road performance.

That middle-of-the-road thinking played out with our data, with the Hankooks consistently hanging around the middle of the pack. Wet road performance was marginally better than its rivals, and wet cornering was a highlight. The Hankooks also displayed consistency across the on-road disciplines, never performing poorly but never standing tread blocks above the others.

Despite the respectable figures, Stokell found the Hankooks slightly lazier on direction changes and that dry cornering grip wasn’t as pronounced. It seems the stresses of cornering had the chunky tread struggling to maintain its shape.

That flowed through to the hard braking, too, where in the dry they lacked some lateral stability. While it doesn’t necessarily show up in the data, it’s worth keeping in mind the wriggling going on at ground level.

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The Dynapro earned back points off-road, with the purposeful pattern giving it some additional bite through sloppy terrain. Over the rocks, in particular, it eased along nicely, enough to earn it the full five per cent off-road bonus.

Walker noted there was decent compliance, with the tyres seemingly moulding around the rocks and ridges subtly better than most others. Again, it points to a tyre that’s squidgy but still manages to hang on nicely.

It’s no surprise that the $259 price tag sits in the middle of the road, capping off the performance of a tyre that neither stands out nor disappoints.

Gripping on-road and off-road tests on the 4x4 Tyre Test 2019