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2018 Ford Mustang GT exhaust modes in detail

By Chris Thompson, 10 Oct 2017 News

This is the best video example for all four modes we’ve seen so far

2018 Ford Mustang GT exhaust main

When ‘Quiet Mode’ on the 2018 Ford Mustang GT is still louder than most cars could ever be, you know you’re in for a good time.

The best video examples of each exhaust mode we’ve seen so far come from YouTube user Eric Max, who recorded each exhaust mode from behind the car at what looks to be a Mustang meet.

We get a glimpse of the new Pony’s front end as it rolls up, but that’s nothing new since we’ve seen footage both official and otherwise from the US. But those videos didn’t completely showcase the carious sounds of the four exhaust modes the new Mustang will feature.

2018-Ford-Mustang-GT-front.jpgIts V8 rumble is clearly muted in ‘Quiet Mode’, but neighbours will still hear the 5.0-litre V8 rolling down the street in its Pony home if this video is anything to go by. However, if you really want to upset or delight your neighbours, depending on their feelings about the sounds of atmo V8s, Track Mode is the way to go.

Track Mode, which is labelled in the video as “Loud Mode”, sounds like it’s going to result in amny smiles here in Oz, and especially amongst us here in the MOTOR office. The last two modes, Normal and Sport are pretty self-explanatory.

2018-Ford-Mustang-Gt-exhaust.jpgNormal comes after Track in the video, so it’s the third one we hear, but Sport Mode seems to have more of a bassy rumble to it than a maniacal crackling. We have to be perfectly honest, we even like Quiet Mode. Bet that’s something you never thought you’d hear from MOTOR.

Oh, and stick around towards the end of the video to get a look at the new digital dash.