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Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione spied testing

By Chris Thompson, 14 Sep 2017 News

Full noise footage of the next FXX K has all of us far too excited

Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione Mule main

Turn up the volume. Now.

If you didn’t already know, the Ferrari FXX K is an even wilder version of the Ferrari LaFerrari, which means it’s pretty much confined to the racetrack.

It’s kind of what the P1 GTR is to the road-going P1.

So, if you weren’t already excited by the idea of an even wilder version  of the FXX K, you should be now. If you’re still not… well, you might be dead.

While unconfirmed, the test mule seen in the above video by YouTuber 19Bozzy92 shows every sign of being an evolution of the Ferrari FXX K, or the Evoluzione itself.

This would make sense, as Ferrari released Evoluzione versions of both the FXX and 599XX, and Ferrari’s man behind the XX cars, Enrico Galliera, told Top Gear last year that Ferrari was explorion options for an even faster FXX K.

“So, even for the FXXK we are thinking about potential evolutions, but we don’t have it yet,” Galliera said.

Which brings us back to the video. This thing screams “XX”.

Its auditory assault would make a previous-gen Formula 1 car proud, and it looks like a direct descendant of the track monster – aside from the rear wing.

What we do know for sure is that we’ll be keeping an eye out for any word from Ferrari on its next ‘XX’ car. Stay tuned!