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Geneva Motor Show: Next Toyota Supra revealed

By Chris Thompson, 06 Mar 2018 News

Geneva Motor Show Next Toyota Supra

Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept previews new Supra in wicked track-car guise

Supra is back.

Announced with the reveal of the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept, the iconic Toyota Supra will return as a front-engine, rear-drive car for the road.

The GR Supra Racer, pictured, is the track version of what will eventually become the new Supra, hinting at its series designation with the number “90” on its doors – following on from the A40, A60, A70, and A80 produced between 1978 and 2002.

The racing concept specifically has a link to Toyota’s motorsport arm, Gazoo Racing, in its GR badge.

It’s a fully-equipped race car, with lightweight composite materials, plastic side windows, and centre-nut BBS race wheels wrapped in Michelin race tyres.

It does, however, hint that the Supra could become another addition to racetracks in the future.

Toyota Australia’s vice president of sales and marketing Sean Hanley says the Supra is one of Toyota’s most significant badges, and its return is something Toyota wants to get right.

“Supra is one of the most beloved Toyota cars of all time and its nameplate continues to command enormous respect,” Mr Hanley said.

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“There has been huge public interest in a modern revival of the Supra legend – and this concept points to a sports car deserving of the famous name,” he said.

“Revealing a racing concept ahead of a production model highlights that motorsport is Toyota’s proving ground of choice for high-performance vehicles.

“The GR Supra Racing Concept makes it clear Toyota is developing the Supra to be a true driver's car.”

Toyota says this reveal is “similar” to that of the Toyota CH-R, which arrived on roads almost a year after its race-equivalent’s Geneva reveal.

Don’t expect to see Supras in showrooms for some time yet.