Everything you need to know about Street Machine Drag Challenge 2019:

EVERYONE has an opinion on what constitutes a street car, and the quicker the cars get the more intense the argument becomes; how do you decide what’s street and what’s not?

So in 2014 we thought we would take a leaf out of Hot Rod’s book and create our own version of their successful Drag Week, which pits racer and machine against one of the most gruelling road and track tests imaginable – we call it Street Machine Drag Challenge. It’s the toughest test for street cars in the country.

In 2019 we are holding two events! Our three-day Drag Challenge Weekend on 3-6 May in Queensland. We'll travel from Willowbank Raceway to Warwick Dragway and return to Willowbank for the finale. Enter here.

Later in the year we'll have our five-day Drag Challenge event. We're still in the process of planning that one so stay tuned, or find our more info about Drag Challenge at the links below. 

 Drag challenge Rules

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